Refugees welcome

We welcome you in Bochum, Gelsenkirchen, Herne, Witten or Hattingen and we appreciate you riding on our buses and trams.

Here are some hints for you how to use public transport: 

  • Please note that you need a ticket for any ride - the fare is different depending on the driven distance. There are single tickets and other tickets for several rides available. You can buy them from the driver or in our coustomer service centres. You can also buy tickets with your mobile - please use the App.
  • Single tickets and those for several rides have to be stamped when starting the ride - monthly tickets are valid for the declared period. Please note that you have to get on the bus through the front door and show your ticket. 
  • Please ask if you are entitled to get the economically priced "Mein Ticket". The application you will get from the "Sozialamt". 
  • Departure time and the network of routes you will find at the respective stop.

For any further information please contact the consultants in our customer service centres.

Information in arabic language

Information in persian language

Informac e o korišcenju autobusa i voza

Informacion për përdorimin e autobusit dhe trenit

Information on how to use bus and rail

Information sur l‘utilisation des bus et des trains

Information zur Nutzung von Bus und Bahn



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